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Mark has been a part of the Adelaide music and entertainment industry since the age of thirteen.

Learning guitar at eleven (11) was the terrific kick start as he has enjoyed a career in music essentially since the age of thirteen (13). Performing regularly on Adelaide Television, at the age of fifteen (15), his band “INPACK” was selected as a regular performer and co-host on Nine Adelaide’s version of “Hey Hey its Saturday” hosted by Dean Davis. The group was required to perform and they all had to interview and introduce various segments.

In the late 1970’s Mark played the rock / town hall circuit in bands “Montana” and “Borg” primarily throughout the south west corner of the Adelaide metro. 

THE LITTLE RUBBER BAND / THE BEAT BOYS: In 1980 Mark formed a The Little Rubber band later to become “The Beat Boys” who commanded the prime corporate work and support work across Adelaide and South Australia. The Beat Boys regularly performed in the order of six (6) performances per week during those years. The Beat Boys were invited by the then Lord Mayor of Adelaide Steve Condos to perform at his first Lord Mayors New Year Eve street party in King William Street Adelaide to, according to the Advertiser, 25,000 people.

BODY HEAT: The Beat Boys Drummer (Jim Latta) invited Mark to join his Big Band called Body Heat. Body Heat was regularly engaged to support acts such as The Four Kinsmen, Jade Hurley, The Deltones and many more high profile acts in large venues across Adelaide along with season shows at venues like the Palladium Room at the Bridgeway Hotel etc….

PEEPING WILLY AND THE “Y” FRONTS: Throughout the 1990’s and beyond Mark developed other big bands, nominally “Peeping Willy and the Y Fronts” that was made up of the Police band horn line and some of Body Heats regulars such as Tony Lillywhite and Alan Waller (R.I.P.). This band was principally a Rock and Roll swing band.

MOSS: In more recent times Mark formed a Band called MOSS. MOSS started by performing covers in all kinds of venues from pubs to music festivals. But the pull and desire to write and perform his own music became stronger as time progressed. Eventually, with the support of the members of the band, MOSS decided to stop marketing as a cover band and begin the journey of writing and performing their own material. As mature aged musicians MOSS, by way of their years, are blessed with real life experiences and as parents and grandparents they take seriously the legacy they will leave behind for their children and grandchildren. Mark, working collaboratively with principally Suzie Craig (Lyricist) Clive Pollard (Keyboards) and others like his old "INPACK" school mate Ian (NED) Kelly, have chosen therefore to use their art as a medium to progress discussion and awareness of key social and political issues. 

HIGHLIGHTS: AFI award winning cinematographer Malcolm Ludgate makes a music video for our song Belle (Will you still love me when I change). The Song “You’re braver than you believe” was embraced by the Portugal prevention against domestic violence organisation APAV and “You’re braver than you believe” made the top 30 in the 2016 Australian Songwriters Association Inc (ASA) Australian Songwriting Contest. And in September 2017 "ROCK GOD" won 1st place in the SCALA song writing competition. "ROCK GOD" achieved number 7 on the Amrap Regional Charts.

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