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December 6, 2017

I really want you all to succeed!  I want to help you to the best of my ability.  As they say in the south, “I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.”….but, one thing I do have, it’s perspective on the live show. 

I’ve worked with probably bet...

November 15, 2017

We receive lots of questions about doing cover tunes.  Since many of you have them in your set, either entirely or a few, let’s talk about this!

We got an email from Barry, who spelled out his dilemma;

“I am in a constant battle with my band-mates over...

October 10, 2017

I want to give my audience what they came for!

As musicians, we assume the audience is there to hear some good music.  We have some great music and songs for them and some cool lyrical things going on.  In one song there’s an awesome bass li...

October 5, 2017

Performing artists still have it…that one thing.

Something a CD can’t contain, it can’t be duplicated, digitized or downloaded, and you can only get it if you’re in the same room.

It’s that personal connection with your fans.

The Booming Concert Industr...

September 20, 2017

No, not talking about bailing you out of jail, or quitting your music career…though at times I’m sure you’ve felt like it! 

I’m talking about the ‘bail-out’ – an onstage technique you should implement into your performance now.

You’ve heard us talk abo...

July 24, 2017

Some of you may have heard me talk about the difference between your record and your live show being like the difference between a sitcom and a movie.  

I’d like to expand on that concept. 

I have recently been at workshops with about 100 artists and b...

You are an original.  Admit it, youare! There is no one like you, and you want people to know that.  As an artist it is key to your long lasting success to be able to communicate that.

Your recordings, your show, your promo materia...

Most artists call it their set list.  And for most artists it involves putting your songs in some kind of order – fast, fast, slow, fast, slow, etc…

But, that’s not the best way to do it if you want to have a successful live show every time you perfor...

July 2, 2017

Sometime, somewhere it will happen…for many of you at least.  You enter a competition or get a chance to play as an opening act or at an event or showcase where you just get to do one song.  Brutal decision.

You think, “How do I choose from ALL m...

My mentor had a saying: "Preparation compensates for a lack of talent" I didn't know how much talent I had so I prepared. This piece by Tom Jackson resonated with me, I hope you like it.

Being in this music industry for at least…. well, a lot of years...

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