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This IS It!

Several years ago, a Michael Jackson documentary came out called “This is It.” As you probably know, the film chronicles the rehearsals for his London tour just before his death.

I loved watching him work and seeing the process. How he tirelessly went over dance moves and vocal parts; how he gave instructions and arrangement changes to the band.

His hand was in every aspect of the show. And MJ knew something reallyimportant! Several times after mistakes were made by whoever, he would smile and say, “That’s why we have rehearsals.”

I watched him, several times in the middle of a song, instruct the band to wait for his cue. “Let it simmer!”, he would say. “Wait for it..on my cue…and…Now!”

He wanted to feel it and not be in a hurry. He got what we’re always telling artists: to sometimes leave space in a song. Let it hang. That space leaves room to build your authority, and it leaves room for the audience to take it in and feel something.

Vocal coach Tamara Beatty and I worked with Canada’s super talented Canadian Country Music Association Discovery artists last week in Toronto. Tamara thinks much like we do, but focuses primarily on vocal delivery (the ‘tone or emotion’ part of your performance.)

She works with contestants on The Voice, and gave these ‘up and coming’ artists some great advice; “Keep audiences FEELING, not THINKING.” Yes! When audiences slip into ‘think’ mode, that means something you did in your performance changed and you’re losing them.

You need to rehearse so YOU stop thinking too. In other words, spending time on your performance in rehearsal will allow you to step onstage and focus on the audience. Those moments you’re rehearsing make people feel. And, people feeling means you’ve made a connection.

Go back and watch Michael Jackson’s film and learn from a master performer.

Then, keep rehearsing! 😀

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